Dental Emergency? Call Now To Be Seen (239) 529-4159

We can see dental emergencies after-hours and on the weekends.

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it is a simple chipped tooth. Other times, it can be a serious infection. Regardless of the nature, give us a call. We can help inform you how serious the problem is and if you should be seen immediately. We offer same-day emergency appointments on most days.

Dental infections are serious. It is imperative that teeth are treated in a timely manner to prevent a larger infection from occurring. If your tooth doesn’t feel quite right, please give us a call for an examinations. We will present you the different options you have.

After-Hour/Weekend Emergencies

If you are having a dental emergency and we are closed, do not panic. We offer immediate after-hour emergency appointments. Please give our office a call and your message will be forwarded to Doc’s emergency voicemail. After-hour emergencies require a small charge that is paid before Dr. Aaron arrives at the office. Please call for details. 239-529-4159

Types of Dental Emergencies

Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth can be very painful. Cracks can form in teeth like a crack in a car windshield. When a tooth has a small crack, it may be slightly sensitive to hot and cold or biting pressure. If the tooth is not treated and the crack reaches the nerve, the tooth will ache, be very painful to biting, hot, and cold. At this point, the tooth can usually still be saved. However, if the crack extends deeply into the roots of the tooth, it cannot be fixed. Timely treatment of cracked teeth is very important in order to avoid extractions.cracked broken tooth teeth

Large Cavity

If a cavity is left untreated, it will continue to weaken the tooth and spread. This can result in a large part of the tooth breaking off, or the nerve of the tooth getting irritated. When cavities are small to medium in size, the tooth is typically sensitive to hot, cold, and sweets. When a cavity gets big and irritates the nerve, the tooth will be very sensitive to hot, cold, and biting pressure. If a cavity is very large, the tooth may not be able to be fixed. It is very important to fix cavities when they are small to avoid pain, infection, and extraction of teeth.

Cavity in tooth

Infection or Abcess

Infections in the mouth can be caused by several things. The two most common reasons are infected teeth or gums. Teeth can become infected by having large cavities, cracks, or from trauma. Gums can become infected from having a foreign object lodged within or from having heavy tarter buildup and bacteria deep under the surface. Both of these causes can cause pain, swelling, fever, and a bad taste in your mouth. Acute infections are serious and should be treated immediately.

infected tooth

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Many patients do not have enough room in their jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth. When this occurs, the teeth sometimes grow in sideways or half way. This can lead to pressure on adjacent teeth causing pain. Also, a small flap of gum can form over the tooth where food is packed, causing an infection. This can cause severe pain and swelling of the face that should be treated immediately.

wisdom tooth swelling